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About Me

I’m Dr. Dale Herndon, a finance professor and the founder and creator of the Investing Essentials program. For years, I worked with corporations and institutions around the world to help them identify investment strategies like investing cash, analyzing mergers and acquisition opportunities, and obtaining financing in competitive capital markets.

Over time, more and more people started asking for my help with their investments and portfolios. Many were executives and thriving business owners, but others were successful individuals that weren’t sure how to take their long-term investments to the next level. They believed they weren’t getting the best advice from their broker, and many online services were difficult to understand. Does this sound like you?

Let’s achieve your financial goals, together!


To help individuals take control of their financial future


By offering solid, reliable education for long-term investing


You can create a life where you feel fulfilled, empowered, and secure.

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?


Your financial situation is unique and you need a dedicated approach.


The investing world is complex and full of get-rich-quick schemes.


It is difficult to identify opportunities and protect your portfolio.


You’re interested in learning proven techniques that lead to financial independence 

About The Investing Essentials Course

As a licensed financial advisor, it is my central belief that a well-structured, informed, and scholarly approach to long-term investing is crucial to securing the future you desire. Let’s address your needs and start building your wealth today.

Here’s What you will learn


Investing basics: Why it’s important to start now and how to get started in investing. What are the first steps and the mindset needed to succeed.

Investment Strategy Planning: How to draft and implement a written plan.



Economic Climate: How to assess economic conditions from a broad level.

Capital Markets: How to identify, evaluate, and assess a stock, bond or other investment.



Behavioral Finance: How our decision-making process is impacted when we don’t have enough information or don’t know how to interpret the information that is available.

How it works


Get in touch and enroll in the course.


This course will enable an individual investor to take control of their financial future. 


After completing the course, you, as a competent investor, will be able to comprehend, evaluate, and apply financial concepts.

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Work With Me

Check in with me and see what’s new. I think you’ll agree with me when I say that investment knowledge should be easily available to everyone, not just hot-shot brokers and advisors. My latest advice and expertise will further maximize your wealth building strategy. Join me as I break down the topics that are crucial to your long-term success.